Dr. Abdussalam Qaroush

Assistant Professor-Organic/Polymer Chemist-Green technologist @ University of Jordan

Dr. Abdussalam K. Qaroush received both BSc and MSc degrees from the Hashemite University. In 2009, pursued his PhD under the supervision of Professor Bernhard Rieger (TUM). In there, he developed green sorbents for CO2 activation. In 2015, he started on establishing the Jordanian CO2 team (JCO2T). In the same year, he was called by the HCST (Jordan) as the youngest JoSTA member to
technology transfer CO2 chemistry from Germany into Jordan. In 2017, Dr. Qaroush started his
tenure track at the University of Jordan working on CO2 mitigation via CCS, CCU, CCR upon
applying green technology, polymer chemistry, and organic synthesis.

Fields of Interests:
1. Carbon Capture and Sequestration and Utilization (CCS & CCU).
2. Homogeneous Catalysis & Polymer Synthesis.
3. Molecular Catalysis & Activation of Small Molecules.
4. Organometallic Bio- & Inorganic Chemistry.