Mr. Ahmad Sharab

Doctor @ The University of Jordan

Ahmad is a young researcher, graduated with a B.Sc. and M.Sc. degree in Biotechnology from Al-Ballqa’a applied university. Recently, he has worked as a research and teaching assistant at medical and science school of university of Jordan as well as a freelance trainer in entrepreneurship and life skills.
Academically, he is the 1st of his major at the university in B.Sc. and M.Sc. degree. Part of being academically successful, he works his B.Sc. project in “Antimicrobial and anti proliferation activity of some plant extract” by studying the effects of 43 Jordanian medicinal plants on 13 microbes and leukemia and breast cancer.

Accordingly, he found that 17 of the studied plant had a great effect on cancer cells. Therefore, he has a true passion to find a cure for cancer to help people who suffer from this disease, especially the childre. So, Ahmad continues his M.Sc. degree in biotechnology and fight to get funding for his project (Thesis) in “Molecular and biochemical characterization of cytotoxic activity of some medicinal plant extracts against cancer cells” and he got it from the scientific research support fund to continue his research and finally he found that 2 out of 17 plants can be considered as active treatment against breast cancer cells according to the national cancer institute.

Recently, Ahmad has three scientific papers related to his work published in good impact scientific journals.

Far away from Ahmad’s life style as a researcher, he loves voluntary work. So, he is one of the founders of the Youth Educational Development Initiative (YED), Entrepreneurship and presentation skills Trainer for: students of “I Know Business” (IKB) award, Jordan University students, with Injaz organization, and for several volunteering teams in Jordan, Organizing several TEDX conferences in Jordan, and the leader of the Student Society in his college. Ahmad ambition and goal in life is to become one of the youngest pioneering Arab Muslim PhD holders, hoping that he can reestablish the glory of Arab scientists. Ahmad hopes to be one of the scientists who publishes his publications in Nature journal and recipient of the Nobel prize in biotechnology field.