Ms. Farah Shamout

Engineering Science @ University of Oxford

Farah Shamout is a PhD Candidate in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. She pursues an intertwined interests in public health and artificial intelligence. As part of the Computational Health Informatics Lab, her research focuses on machine learning applications on “big data” of healthcare and she aims to produce a hospital-wide alerting system to assess patients continuously using both Bayesian nonparametrics and deep learning methods. Farah received her B.Sc., cum laude in Computer Engineering from New York University Abu Dhabi, where she developed and designed a wearable device to recognize health conditions of construction workers and provide anonymized reports of working conditions to governments and third-party monitors. Previously, she has been a visiting researcher in the Noninvasive Surgery and Biopsy Lab at Imperial College London. Farah is an enthusiast for digital health and the future of the cognitive hospital.