Dr. Sanad Bushnaq

Dr. Sanad Bushnaq @ Toshiba Memory Corportation

Dr. Sanad Bushnaq is an expert in advanced technology and semiconductors, who is using his expertise to promote collaboration between Japan and the Middle East.

Bushnaq obtained his Masters and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tokyo after he was awarded the Japanese government scholarship.

At only 34 years of age, Bushnaq holds several world-wide patents in his field, where he is engaged in designing state-of-the-art flash memory chips developed by Toshiba Memory Corporation and used in data centers and smartphones world-wide.

Bushnaq received royal recognition in 2017 from HM King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein at the World Science Forum, which was organized by UNESCO and the International Science Council and attended by more than three thousand scientists and decision makers from all over the world.

Bushnaq is actively engaged in connecting elite young minds in the Middle East with Japan. In an unprecedented success, he was able to bring students to Japan to receive training on advanced silicon technologies.

Since he moved to Japan more than ten years ago, Bushnaq has kept constant communication with Arab youth by holding scientific lectures and giving talks at conferences in the region as he believes that young brilliant minds in the Middle East, accompanied by Japan’s breakthrough technologies, can create a world-class innovation hub for science and technology in the region.