Dr. Rana Dajani

Proffesor @ Hashemite University

Member of Board of Trustees of Phi Science Institute

Ph.D. in molecular biology, University of Iowa, USA; Harvard Radcliff fellowship 2017, Eisenhower fellow, a Fulbright alumnus twice, an Associate Professor and former Director of the center of studies at the Hashemite University, Jordan, former Yale visiting professor at the Yale stem cell center and visiting Scholar University of Cambridge and visiting professor at the stem cell therapy center.  Her lab is the world experts on the genetics of the Circassian and the Chechan populations in Jordan focusing on diabetes and cancer. Dr. Dajani spearheaded the effort to establish a law for stem cell research ethics in Jordan. She is a strong advocate for the theory of biological evolution and its compatibility with Islam. As such, She was a speaker at the Templeton-Cambridge Journalism Fellowship symposium at the University of Cambridge and at the British Council ‘belief in dialogue’ conference, McGill University and MIT.